Radio Automation

Radiocube is a completely new Multimedia Audio software for windows.  The network capable Audio-pass-system Radiocube is in different versions available. 

At present we offer these low-priced and economical Audio Players software for HiFi, Multimedia, home user, Deejays, Gastro businesses as well as bars and restaurants, hotels, dance training, retail companies and as live assist and radio automation for broadcaster and for radio training. Load yourself cost free of charge demo version of on your PC. Partially you can download the Radiocube Radio Package also over shareware download portal as well as,, or 

The versions called Radiocube Home I, Radiocube Home II, Radiocube DJ, Radiocube Bar & Shop, Radiocube DJ, Radiocube ONAIR, Radiocube ONAIR XS, Radiocube Cart Machine, Radiocube Cart Machine XS and Radiocube Data Manager for the integration of Audio production software as well as:  Audacity, Audition, CoolEdit, Cubase, Protools, Wavelab, mediatron NewsEdit, mediatron ProTracks and other Audio Recording and editing cut systems. 


Windows Radio Automation Software

For radio automation, the full network capable envoy flow control and broadcast automation Radiocube ONAIR and yet more efficient radio automation Radiocube ONAIR XS is available. Radiocube On Air is designed for radio stations which per satellite, FM, AM, Short Wave, Long Wave, LPFM, (Low Power FM), DMB, DRM, HD radio and over Web streaming as a web radio / internet radio station likewise suited.

Both radio versions are suitable for each format direction whether Rock, Pop, Classic or Talkradio. The ONAIR XS variant of Radiocube is suitable especially also for large and also publicly legal broadcasters and satellite network radios. The version can load play lists controlled automatic and can work time synchronically / actually timed driven. Here it controls professional interfaces as well as GPIO and serial interfaces RS232 and RS422. Through its extensive right administration and user administration Radiocube software becomes it yet so high claims of program bosses and program directors just. 

To the complete the prouct line of the OnAir radio automation another Instant Audio short cut, cartwall player is available with the name Radiocube Cart Machine in two versions. The exchange of Soundfiles between Radiocube ONAIR and the Cart machine resulted simply over shift the Audiofiles and / or Drag and Drop. Multiple Audio outputs (symmetrical, ballanced (XLR) or asymmetrical) important to fade and Cue / PFL Prelistening as well as special Keyboards and MIDI Remote controller enable the simple operation and connection at each mixing console and studio environment. Radiocube software is very simply and to serve intuitive. These will know to understand the on air talents of your station if it concerns the drice of a radio show / program with many Sound elements as well as Jingles, Stinger, Swepper and Bumper. Naturally Radiocube ONAIR suits itself also to the regionalization of messages and playout of commercials / commercial break (Stopsets). 

DJ Software

The DJ software version ideally is suited for the mobile DJ in discotheque and Dance clubs. Over a comfortable search function there is fast and quick access to thousands of songs. With the powerfull DJ mixer you control all important functions manually with an A/B Crossfader or fully automatic. The DJ Mixer controls a Pitch Fader as well.
The DirectX Effect interface permits the use of Compressor, limiter, AGC, Delay, Chorus, Reverb and other effect devices like audio processors. Radiocube DJ becomes therewith professional claims just and is suitable likewise for hobby DJs or internationally active Top DJs. Radiocube DJ was conceived for the use on laptop / notebook.

Gastro Audio Software

The Bar & Shop version of radio Cube is similarly a Wurlizer / Jukebox conceives to offer for restaurant, hotel, Shops, store chain and restaurant one as comfortable as possible music mix. As a Gastro background music system, it can become also the zones PA relatedly. The software is suitable for many purposes also to the public performance Public Address, for through legend and Emergency Sound system.  Radiocube works control with music consultants together which large experience and a music collection of different genre and are on that specialized by means of a music rotation-software / music planning as well as Selector, Music 1, MusicMaster or Powergold one as well as possible music mixture for shopping centers to the music irrigation to generate. Our partners offer also s. g.  Music subscriptions on. Through this subscription, a legal MP3 music archive is guaranteed.


Radiocube plays back Audiofiles of the well known audio reduction and compression technology format MP3 of the Fraunhofer institute. In addition there can be used standard audio formats for Podcast / Podcasting to store on hard disk and mix used become in real time: MPEG 1 Layer II, MPEG 2, MP2, Wave (WAV), BWF, WMA and WMA9. Through the installation of an additional Audio Codec let itself also these Soundfile formats to that play back of music title use:  OGG Vorbis, mp3Pro, AAC and AAC plus. ID3 Meta Tags become would file read in the detection (ingest, ripping) out of the Sound.

The Audio Player software work under Windows XP, Windows XP Home with each Soundblaster and DirectShow of Compatible Sound card and also under the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98SE. Over DirectShow or DMO, the possibility effect in that exists into the signal way on bow. Therewith the software of each yet so demanding tone studio environment becomes just. The use can on a music server e.g. RAID5  server disk array or as a client server solution or also as per to per network installed become.

The software can play media files similar to the Windows Media Player or other Media-Players as well as the WinAmp Player of Nullsoft Play-lists play back. The difference of Radiocube is, that Crossfades / Crossfading and overlaps of music title to music title is possible are install without a corresponding plug-in to must. The Windows program is Compatible and can import play lists of these formats:  M3U, PLS, WPL.  Many of this music Play lists can also played over a MP3 Player or Wirelees LAN Audio Video Player and a WLAN Router represented become. To the creation of the play list, Radiocube Edit can be used also as a comfortable program scheduler, planning editor. At the same time a Shuffle music planning is available and categories.


The Mediatron GmbH out of Munich in the south of Germany is developer of the Radiocube software and international in the audio visual media area active. Since beginning of the 90th mediatron already develops Broadcast Playout software for the radio and television business. More than 250 media companies worldwide work with mediatron technology. You find detailed information to mediatron and its products under Radiocube was developed of radio people for radio people. Mediatron operates also the digital club sound Dance radio station NOVA RADIO CLUB SOUND NETWORK Nova Radio sends over DAB digital radio in the German citys Munich, Frankfurt/Main, Halle and Magdeburg.  Further information to digital radio DAB and DAB radios you find under


Radiocube - Windows Radio Software
Radiocube - Radio Automation for Windows